The Capital!


We drove to the capital to see what it had to offer, it was busy getting in and finding parking so we decided staying in the car probably wasn’t going to be an option. Sadly it was rainy day so we didn’t get to experience Lisbon in its full glory. We saw a market going on in front of Arco de la Rua Augusta with all the stalls inside old shipping containers, like small shops. We found another small market just past the Arc selling homemade jewellery, art and decorations.

We walked through the small streets which were packed with restaurants, pastry shops and people. Some of the restaurant touts even used their best cockney accents to try and entice us in for lunch. We finally sat on the waterfront for a drink but sadly the heavens opened and everyone ran for shelter. As we left we drove over the Puente 25 de Abril Bridge which had some of the longest queues of traffic we have ever seen trying to come into Lisbon, luckily we were heading out!

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