The aftermath….


We woke up to bright sunshine and a few worried text messages. We looked on the news and sadly not everyone nearby had been as lucky as we had in the storm. News of the Riveria floods was everywhere, the region received 10% of its yearly rainfall in just 2 hours. We walked down to the train station and the underpass was a river, no buses or trains were running, and for 24 hours all we heard were sirens, everything had flooded. Our thoughts are with those who were not as fortunate as us, to those whose houses, cars and cities were ruined, and to those who sadly lost their lives. It felt inappropriate to travel inwards to the cities and gawk at the chaos as they tried to put their cities back together. Instead we decided not to run the risk of more storms and potentially getting stuck and move on. Sadly we did not get to see Cannes or Nice, but we are thankful that we were lucky enough to be able to move on to safer places.

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