The calm before the storm!

We drove from St Tropez to a campsite in Villeneuve Loubet, from here we were a train or bus ride from both Nice and Cannes. We loved the campsite so we thought we’d stay a few nights and travel out to see the other cities. On our first night there we set up camp and laughed as we barbecued in the rain, so British. Later the rain began to pour, and as we sat in our tent, the site around us began to flood. The rain turned to hail, and we sat in the tent laughing from shock at how severe the storm was. After two hours the rain began to subside, we couldn’t believe how heavy it was, some of our cooking stuff which had been left outside was even dented, the underside of our tent felt like a water bed. Thankfully it was over, hopefully the next day would be clear and sunny.

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