Larkin about in Interlaken


We thought our drive into Raron would be hard to beat, but the drive to Interlake was on another level. We had seen that a ferry crossing was required on our journey and seeing as we didn’t have to cross any lakes we were totally confused. As we drove up the mountain we came to what we thought was our first Swiss toll, we payed the 27 Francs and drove through. Before we knew what was happening we were being loaded onto a car ferry, a long open carriage train, where you sit in your car and are taken across the mountains. As it started to move the ride was smooth, and the view was beautiful, so we began to relax, until suddenly we were plunged into complete darkness for 11 miles as we quite literally caught a train, through a mountain, what a wonderful and surreal experience. As we drove out the other side of the tunnel, it looked like a picture from the front of a chocolate box, wooden houses, green hills, and huge cows everywhere. We could definitely tell we were in Switzerland.

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