Our day in the City


We only spent one day in Zurich looking around and though it was very different to the mountainous places we had so far experienced it still felt very Swiss. The city was beautiful, very clean, and had a very distinct lack of traffic from most other cities. Though there were a few cars about everyone seemed to favour the hugely efficient networks of trams and trains. We did a bit of shopping (and bought some more winter clothes), but as beautiful as it is, Zurich is particularly expensive. In many of the places we have visited around this side of Europe, kebab shops seem to be quite a big thing (and a lot more socially acceptable than some of the English kebab shops we have frequented in the past), so for lunch we stopped and had a kebab. We had planned to stay in the car park that night, but as we had not got close enough to the centre we left early to head for Rhienfalls.

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