Who are we and what are we doing here?

Hey guys,

No don’t worry, I haven’t been smoking the funny stuff! Despite the title of this blog post this is not me asking a philosophical question about the meaning of life and why we’re here. Instead I just wanted to take a moment to introduce us a bit better and explain what Larkin Around is all about.

As it says on our ‘About Us’ page, we’re a couple of aspiring nomads, dreaming of a life of freedom and happiness. We’re currently converting our own campervan and I will be sharing updates on this as we go. And hopefully one day we’ll be living that #VanLife full time!

So what are we doing right now?

Right now we’re living in the UK and working full-time to fund our adventures. I am a PR & Communications Assistant for the UK’s leading job board, CV-Library and Danny works for the family business as a ground worker.

We’ve known each other for over 10 years, but didn’t become a couple until 2015 (after lots of encouragement and excitement from our families). Then we tied the knot last September, in our own festival style wedding.

Now as husband and wife we’re planning a really grown up life of living in a van!

What’s this all about then?

Larkin Around started as a way of sharing our travels back in 2015, when we went on a three month road trip around Europe. After a year or two of neglecting it, I decided to get the blog back up and running alongside my day job.

Since then I’ve spent months agonising over finding a niche, defining my audience, developing my content… BORING! When really I should have been focusing on writing from the heart and sharing content that I love.

Since there is no collective term for aspiring digital nomads who want to encourage people to take care of themselves, live happy and simple lives and travel the world, I kept getting hung up on trying to explain what I was doing here.

So in a bid to clear my mind, keep things simple and get the ball rolling – here’s what Larkin Around is all about:

  • Self-care, happiness and looking after your wellbeing
  • Minimalism and living a simple life
  •  Living and travelling on a budget
  • Sharing travel advice and experiences
  • Making the most of this short life!

So let’s get this party started! Leave us a comment below, subscribe or follow us on social media @larkinaround15 – let’s chat!


Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash

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