7 simple ways to mentally declutter and feel calm

If you’re anything like me you’ll often find yourself over-thinking, trying to juggle thousands of thoughts and sometimes just becoming stressed because of it. But if you know how to clear your mind, you’ll probably find that you’re more productive and that you can quieten down the noise inside your brain.

So below is a list of 7 simple ways you can mentally declutter and get on with your day!


When it comes to clearing your mind, never underestimate the importance of stopping to take a breath. There are a number of breathing techniques out there to help you relax, but even just taking a few deep breaths can work wonders for calming your mind and making you feel better.

Write a list

One of my favourite things to do when I feel like I need to clear my mind is to write a list. This could be a to-do list, a list of things that are troubling you, or even a fun list like a bucket list. But taking some time to put your thoughts on paper and get them out of your head can be really helpful. Especially when we’re busy and have a lot going on! It helps you to free up your mind and make sure you don’t forget anything.


Nothing clears your mind and gets endorphins flowing like exercise! I know that when I’m in the gym, I forget about everything except making it through the workout (is that because I’m unfit? Perhaps!). And this doesn’t have to feel like a chore either. You could go for a nice walk, swim, cycle – whatever it is that makes you feel happy.

Get offline

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I find myself falling down a social media hole that leaves me feeling kind of flat! Sometimes it’s a good idea to get offline and put down your phone. Maybe take a detox, even just for a day or two. Instead, spend your time reconnecting with nature or reading a good book – the old fashioned way!

Declutter your surrounds

You know what they say – tidy room, tidy mind! Sometimes when our surroundings become cluttered or busy it can cause us to feel stressed. Take some time to declutter your surroundings, whether that’s your bedroom, your car or your desk. Organising your space can help you to feel more productive, ultimately making you feel calmer.

Keep a diary

Similarly to writing a list, keeping a diary can help to free your mind. It might sound a little odd, but I always picture writing things down as if I’m transferring my thoughts from my brain, onto paper – thus freeing up the space in my head! Writing a diary is a great outlet to throw down any thoughts, worries or moments that might be making you feel overwhelmed.

Get more sleep

When we’re tired things can easily become overwhelming and we become more susceptible to stress. Even just an extra half an hour a night can make all the difference, whether that’s getting up a bit later or making sure you’re tucked up in bed a bit earlier!

Do you have any more tips for clearing your mind when things become stressful? Share them with us below!


Photo by Max van den Oetelaar on Unsplash