About me

Welcome to Larkin Around!

Hi, I’m Tash Larkin and welcome to my blog. I’m the one with the red hair and the handsome guy next to me is my husband, Danny.  

I’m the one behind the words and he is generally the one behind the crazy adventures that keep our lives entertaining.  

This blog started as a way of keeping our families up to date on our travels back in 2015. But today it’s the place where I share my thoughts and experiences on everything I love. So expect to see posts on travel, wellness, camper vans, freelance writing, vegan life and everything in between!  

But most importantly, through Larkin Around I want share our journey to becoming full-time travellers and digital nomads, while hopefully giving others the inspiration to create their best life too. 

Where are we right now?   

As I write this, I’m sat on the sunny beach in Perranporth, UK. This small surf town is really special to us so we plan to spend the summer months here.

Freedom and simplicity are our biggest motivators right now and we’re on an mission to live a low-budget, simple and happy life in our van.

 Our journey is just beginning and we’d love for you to join us – so why not stick around a while!

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