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Welcome to Larkin Around, the lifestyle blog that shares stories and advice about travel, mindfulness, fulfilling careers and meaningful experiences.

We’re Tash and Danny Larkin. Just a couple of over-thinkers, with a mild beer addiction and a desire to see the world! Travel is our biggest motivator and one day we hope to set off around the world, working for ourselves and seeing everything it has to offer. But until then, we’re just trying to work out how to adult!

Larkin Around is our passion project. The original site was set up in 2015 as a way of keeping our family updated when we were on our travels. But now we want to create a place for readers to come and feel inspired to follow their dreams and to live their best life.

I guess this is the part where we should tell you how many years’ experience we have of travelling, freelancing, practising clean living and wellness; but the truth is we’ve barely scratched the surface yet! We’re just two wannabe nomads, on a journey of discovery – and we’d love you to join us!

We’re currently based in the UK and putting in the 9-5 until we decide where our next exciting adventure will take us!

So if like us you’re looking for a simple, fulfilling and happy life, or if you just want to see the world, we’re glad you found us.

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We can’t wait to meet you!

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