during the coronavirus

Returning to van life during the Coronavirus

In approximately 17 days (not that we’re counting or anything) we’re going to be moving out of our caravan and back into our van! There are a number of reasons why we’ve been living in the caravan for so much ...
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One year as Cornish folk

A year ago, I never imagined I’d be writing this post. When we set off in our camper van last April we had zero plans for the future other than to drive the North Coast 500. Which we did. We ...
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We’re having a makeover!

About eight months ago I started having sporadic panic attacks. The first was in the Co-Op on an otherwise average day and it really took me by surprise. At the time I didn't even think it was a panic attack ...
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caravan life

Caravan life during Coronavirus

Hey! I’ve been really rubbish at sharing content on here over the last few weeks. I had loads of stuff lined up to put out about van life and our adventures, and then when the Coronavirus hit none of it ...
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Three months in: An update on van life

I’ve picked up a lot of extra work recently and taken on some great new clients, which means I have been writing my butt off the past couple of months. Just sadly not for this blog. And I do feel ...
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The North Coast 500 – The home straight

This will be my final update on our North Coast 500 journey, though they’ll be plenty of other Scotland-based content to come from the great places we stayed after we completed the NC 500 route. The last post ended as ...
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scotland north coast 500

The North Coast 500 – Reaching the north coast of Scotland

When I last left you on our North Coast 5000 journey we had stopped in Gairloch, just 150 miles in and starting to climb up the West coast. This next instalment of our journey takes us all the way up ...
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The North Coast 500 – The first 150 miles

A few weeks back we completed the North Coast 500 which is a 500 mile road trip around the north of Scotland. The guide book we bought estimated that this would take us around a week, but we took a ...
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Van life – Our Scottish adventure so far!

At this point I probably shouldn't even call myself a blogger as I haven't put anything on here since 7th March! But as yesterday marked two weeks of living on the road, I thought it was about time I got ...
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Veganuary: Week 3 – Doing my bit!

Firstly, how is it nearly the end of January already! It’s only just begun and the year already feels like it’s flying by. That said, I cannot wait for our adventures to begin in April, so I am happy for ...
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