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Caravan life during Coronavirus


I’ve been really rubbish at sharing content on here over the last few weeks. I had loads of stuff lined up to put out about van life and our adventures, and then when the Coronavirus hit none of it really seemed appropriate to share just yet.

So I will get back to my usual content, but for now I thought I’d give a quick update on what we’ve been doing during the lockdown as I know many van lifers out there have had very different experiences.

I follow a lot of van life accounts on Instagram and online I’ve seen people all over the world sharing their experiences; some returning home while others are struggling to find facilities and safe spaces to stay.

Living in a caravan

We are so very grateful that we managed to secure a static caravan in our favourite little town in Cornwall. 

We originally rented the caravan for Danny’s work during the colder months because he gets very wet and muddy and our van doesn’t have the facilities for him to be able to wash and dry his work clothes (and himself) on a daily basis.

Turns out, we are super lucky that we got this when we could because as soon as Coronavirus hit and lockdown started, campervans became very unwelcome in a lot of places, even if you live in them full time.

So the owner has kindly agreed that we can continue living in the caravan throughout lockdown and until things return to normal – and we have to admit, it’s made quarantine and social distancing a lot easier than it would have been otherwise.

And best of all, because the campsite we’re on isn’t open it’s like having a giant back garden. Plus we’re just a 5-10 minute walk from the beach, so that features heavily in our daily exercise.

Why didn’t we return home?

Of course, if we got really stuck we could have gone back home and isolated at our parent’s house, but as Danny’s mum is a key worker it isn’t fair to increase the risks to her or those she looks after.

Not to mention the caravan is a bit bigger than our bedroom at home and much closer to what we’re used to, having lived in a van. So we felt staying down in Cornwall was the best option for us.

Tucked away in our little corner of the campsite, we’re pretty well isolated and we’ve got plenty of green space around us to enjoy.

Staying sane during lockdown

As I said, the campsite is empty and we’re near the beach, so our daily exercise is always the highlight of our day. Sometimes we wait until the evening to go and watch the sunset on the beach and some days I just run laps around the campsite.

But as it probably is for most of you, not being able to go to work (in Danny’s case), pop to the shop, go for a drink at the pub or have a coffee with friends, is starting to take its toll.

It’s crazy what you take for granted on a daily basis and when it’s all gone, you realise just how much you miss the simple things.

But we are doing all we can to try and stay positive and keep ourselves busy (and not say ‘I’m bored’ too many times a day).

If you’re struggling to keep on top of your mental or physical health at this time, that’s totally understandable. Or, if you’re starting to climb the walls because you can’t face another day sitting in the same room, check out my latest post on 13 ways to stay sane during lockdown.

Hopefully this will help you to keep yourself entertained until we can all rejoin society and go to the pub for a beer (or 10).

Stay safe out there – wherever you may be!