• pick yourself up
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    8 ways to pick yourself up after a bad start to the day

    Today I broke my own rule. I started the day by looking at the news. Bad idea. Coronavirus. Lockdown. Racism. Murder. Donald Trump. Economic crisis. You name it, it was happening in the news this morning and it took everything I had not to crawl back under the duvet and just sleep the day away. But with work to do…

  • entertained during lockdown
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    13 ways to keep yourself entertained during lockdown

    The UK lockdown has been extended until at least 7th May and possibly even after that. I think it’s pretty safe to say we all saw that coming. But at this point you may be struggling to find enough to do to keep yourself entertained during lockdown and stay sane.  And while we understand isolation and social distancing are completely…

  • vegan instagram accounts
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    9 Instagram accounts to follow this World Vegan Day

    Today is World Vegan Day and also marks my eleventh month without eating animals products. I can safely say that going vegan was one of the best things I have ever done – I’m absolutely loving my plant-based lifestyle. Instagram has been like my own personal guide to vegan life this year; I’ve followed some great accounts that have showed…

  • Food,  Lifestyle

    Veganuary: Week 4 – What I’ve learnt

    Well I set out to complete Veganuary and I am very proud to say I did it! More than that, I really enjoyed it. It’s certainly been a learning curve, getting to grips with what you can and can’t eat and I imagine there’s still a great deal I don’t know about. But with January now behind us, I thought…

  • Food,  Lifestyle

    Veganuary: Week 3 – Doing my bit!

    Firstly, how is it nearly the end of January already! It’s only just begun and the year already feels like it’s flying by. That said, I cannot wait for our adventures to begin in April, so I am happy for time to keep whizzing by until then. It’s been just over three weeks since I began Veganuary. I really truly…

  • Food,  Lifestyle

    Veganuary: Week 2 – I miss cheese!

    It’s now been over two weeks of Veganuary and I’m still loving it – but oh my god do I miss cheese! I really thought chocolate would be the hardest thing for me to give up, but I’ve found plenty of sweet treats to replace this, and actually, I just really want some cheese on top of my spaghetti bolognese.…