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    How much does van life cost?

    One of the most common questions people have about this lifestyle is how much does van life cost? Well, how long is a piece of string? (Yep, I said it). Frustrating and overused idiom aside, it is hard to put a finite price on the cost of van life, just as it is with normal life. The great thing about…

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    Van life

    How to start van life – everything you need to know

    I can’t really remember what it was that first made us want to live the van life. We both love looking at cool camper van conversions and we always stop to point at old school motorhomes as they drive by – I’m a sucker for a pre 1970 VW splitty, and on the very rare occasion we see a Karmenn…

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    Is van life for me? 8 questions you need to ask yourself

    “Van Life is a sub-culture of nomadic individuals who are embracing minimalism on a journey to reassess what is truly important for a happy and balanced life.” – Ben, Kombi Life As more people fall in love with the idea of freedom, minimalism and moving away from traditional 9-5 living, van life is becoming more popular than ever. You can…

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    Three months in: An update on van life

    I’ve picked up a lot of extra work recently and taken on some great new clients, which means I have been writing my butt off the past couple of months. Just sadly not for this blog. And I do feel a genuine sadness when I haven’t had time to stop and write something for myself. I am always writing for…

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    The North Coast 500 – The home straight

    This will be my final update on our North Coast 500 journey, though they’ll be plenty of other Scotland-based content to come from the great places we stayed after we completed the NC 500 route. The last post ended as we began to head down the East coast and back towards Inverness. Now I won’t lie to you because that’s…

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    The North Coast 500 – The first 150 miles

    A few weeks back we completed the North Coast 500 which is a 500 mile road trip around the north of Scotland. The guide book we bought estimated that this would take us around a week, but we took a slight detour over to the Isle of Skye, so it actually took us about nine days to complete. If you’re…