Free (or very cheap!) things to do in Granada

Granada is such a beautiful place with so much to see, that it’s actually quite easy to explore this Spanish city on a budget! There are plenty of things that you can do for free, or at the very least, for under 10 euros.

We stayed in the city for Danny’s birthday and absolutely fell in love. Here is our guide to a budget weekend in Granada, and experiencing the city for (almost) free.

Take a walk up to the Alhambra

The Alhambra Palace and fortress can be found in the Sierra Nevada mountain range, and the walk uphill to the Alhambra is beautiful. As you walk alongside the tree lined avenues, small streams run downhill, broken every now and then by small waterfalls. In the height of summer the walk is hot, but so worth it! And when you reach the top you are greeted with the most amazing panoramic views.

The Alhambra Palace and gardens themselves are beautiful, but it will cost you to get in. If you really want to see inside it’s worth buying a ticket beforehand, as it does get very busy! But if you’re truly sticking to your budget, just enjoy the walk and soak up the scenery.

Visit the Cathedral

Depending on whether you want to keep your trip totally free, or whether you’ve got a small amount to spend, visiting the cathedral is a must. If you want to keep it free, the building is beautiful outside and in, it’s also a hub of activity so there’s still plenty to see and do outside.

While the atmosphere surrounding the cathedral is great – if you have got enough to spare (and it only costs around €10 per person), we cannot recommend enough how beautiful it is inside. The intricate details and designs throughout are just mind blowing! So if you can, it’s totally worth venturing inside.

Eat free tapas (yes really!)

Tapas is a huge part of Spanish culture, and in Granada it is particularly amazing (from our experience anyway!). In most bars and restaurants throughout the city, if you stop for a drink, you’ll also be given a complimentary dish of tapas to accompany them. If you do it right, you can basically eat your way around the city for free, all you really have to do is pay for your drinks!

Browse the shops

You’ll find lots of small shops tucked away down cobbled streets and winding lanes, or you can hit the main road for some of the bigger stores. From popular high-street shops, to small souvenir shops, there’s plenty to look at. Ok, so shopping isn’t free if you buy stuff, but who doesn’t love a bit of window shopping every now and then!

Enjoy street performers

As with most cities, you can see some great street artists in Granada, especially around the cathedral. It’s such a lovely way to soak up more of the culture, and you can see some truly incredible things. Plus, it’s free to do (unless you’re kind enough to leave a tip for the performer of course!).

Get fit!

Everyone in Granda is seems to be active! Even in the evenings you’ll see yoga classes outside the cathedrals, and crowds of runners, walkers and the like, all out in their gym gear! Why not join in and go for a run around this beautiful city. It’s the perfect way to explore, and you can keep fit whilst doing it – bonus!

Soak up the culture

One of the most beautiful things about the city is that it has a real energy no matter what you’re doing! There is so much incredible architecture and miles of amazing panoramic views that you could get lost walking all day, for absolutely free! It really is such a lovely place that money really doesn’t need to be an issue, you can get a real feel for the city, without burning a hole in your pocket.