6 fun or easy ways to make money while you travel

Depending on how long you plan to travel for, you might want to make some extra cash while you’re on the move, to help you travel for longer! Unless you put some serious though into setting up an online business or you’re a freelancer with a strong client base, then you really just want something quick and easy to do.

There are a number of fun ways you can earn money while you travel. Most of which don’t require any complicated visas or too many technical skills. Here are just 6 ideas you can use on your adventures.

1. Release your inner hairdresser

If you have any hairdressing qualifications, or are able to take a beginners course before you go away, this could be the perfect money-maker. If you’re staying in hostels or busy accommodation with lots of other travellers, this could be a great earner. Offering cheap haircuts to travellers without them even having to leave their accommodation – what could be more perfect? Plus some may be reluctant to venture out and attempt to find a local hairdresser, so what better than someone staying in their hostel, hotel or wherever you may be!

Alternatively, if you’re good at hair braids or wraps, you could also charge for these. Hair wraps are my guilty pleasure, and I know there’s many others out there just like me! Again, you can do this in the hostel, just charging a small amount per person, or you could even set up in the local town or on the seafront. If you’re in a particularly touristy destination and are willing to give up a day here and there, you could make a good amount of money from passers-by. Not to mention this is a fun way to make money and you can easily teach yourself online (I am a YouTube tutorial, self-taught expert!).

2. Teach a language

Teaching your native language in other countries is a great experience, and can also be a nice way to get paid. There are plenty of courses you can take beforehand, in the UK one of the most popular is TEFL, but there are plenty of options out there. These courses don’t often cost a great deal of money, so you can get qualified before you go – and work while you’re away! This is such a rewarding experience, and can also be a nice way to get to grips with another language yourself.

3. Take to the streets

A little bit more unconventional, but if you’re brave (and talented) enough, then why not take to the streets! Busking could earn you just enough to keep you fed and comfortable while you’re travelling, and it’s also a fun way to meet new people. It might not be the biggest money-maker, but if you’ve got the skills, why not use these to make some extra cash! Whether you have an interesting talent, or an incredible singing voice, showcase your talent and let others enjoy it with you. But just be careful where you choose to set up, and if you’re asked to move on, it’s best that you do!

4. House sitting or renting

You might not earn a great deal of money house sitting, but you can save money on accommodation and stay in some pretty nice places! There are some great websites out there such as X and X where you can find local people looking for a house sitter. It’s a great way to spend time in some fantastic areas, and if you’re not big on hostels, it’s a cheap way to stay in some lovely accommodations.

You could also consider a house swap, websites such as X and X make this possible. This does require a bit more thought, and letting a stranger live in your house back home (if you have one) but again, it’s a great way to get free accommodation.

Alternatively, if you do own a house or flat back home and plan to travel for a while, why not rent it out! The main complication could be having to move all of your stuff out, but if you can find somewhere else to store it, this could be a great way to earn money whilst doing very little. This way you can travel for longer, but also know that your house is being looked after back home.

But if you do choose to go down this route, don’t forget that you’ll need contacts back home should your new tenant need help at the house. So make sure you get everything in order before you leave.

5. Work in a bar

In many countries it is possible to pick up the odd bit of bar or restaurant work. Before you go anywhere, be sure to check out the laws on working in each country you’ll be visiting, you may require a visa for some. But generally, hospitality based jobs such as bar work or waiting can be easy to find. And you don’t have to stay for long (unless you want to) just a few shifts here and there can give you that bit of extra money you need. Plus these types of jobs are a great way to get to know people, whether fellow travellers or locals.

6. Fruit picking or farm working

Again, you’ll have to check out your eligibility to work depending on the country you’re in, but in many countries, for example Australia, businesses rely on tourists looking to make a quick buck doing fruit picking or farm work. In some places you can do this in exchange for accommodation and catering instead of actually receiving cash. This can be a great way to save money, but enjoy your stay in the area. While it may not seem like the most glamorous occupation, it can be a great earner and another great way to meet people.


These are just some of the easier ways you can make money while you travel. The great part is you can be creative, have fun and get to know new people! Depending on how long you plan to travel for you may not need to work, but if you’re looking to make your nomadic lifestyle more permanent, then you’re going to need to make some cash along the way – so give these ideas a go!