How can you really get to know a destination?

Do you have a place in the world that you absolutely love visiting and always want to learn more about each time you go? Perhaps there’s a destination on your bucket list that you’ve always wanted to visit.

I believe you can fall in love with a place after just a day (in fact I have done). But it takes more than that to truly get to grips with a destination, to know it inside out as if you’d lived there your whole life.

Is there a particular place coming to your mind right now? If like us, you’re a curious traveller, always keen to get to the heart of a place, here are a few ways you can really get to know a destination.

Travel – don’t just vacation there

Holidays are a lot of fun, and sometimes a week or two away is just what you need. Exploring tourist destinations, eating delicious food and staying in an immaculate hotel. However, if you really want to get to know a destination you need to travel it, rather than just vacation there.

This can involve getting off the beaten path, and exploring locations that aren’t your typical tourist traps. Instead of dining in high end restaurants and staying in fancy hotels, see what your other options are.

Backpacking is a great way to really get to know a place. You could also go to markets, parks and other locations in the area that aren’t typical places that tourists tend to visit.  Duck down hidden alleyways and stop for a drink in the local pub. Museums will give you a history lesson, and religious buildings can teach you more about the religions commonly practiced. Though these can tend to attract tourists.

All of this enables you to see what the destination is really like, beyond the glitz and glamour of a fancy hotel. Going on holiday is great, going away for a week or just a few days at a time enables you to see lots of places in the world. Its from there you can decide whether you want to come back and delve a little deeper.

Speak to the locals

What better way to get to know a place than to speak to the people that live there. Use any opportunity to speak to people on your travels – whether it’s waiting for a bus, chatting to shop assistants, taxi drivers, market sellers and anyone who will listen!

If you’re spending time in a hostel or are going to be around other travellers, get to know these people too. While they won’t originate from the place you’re in, they’re bound to have stories of their experience and could give you tips and advice that could otherwise have been overlooked.

Live and work there for a year or more

If you truly want to get to know and understand a new part of the world, why not make it your home for a while? Move out there, and live and work as a local. The more time you spend in the place, the more you’ll understand their customs and cultures and other more subtle things that you could miss as a tourist.

Not only does moving abroad improve your life by giving you lots of new experiences and memories, but it also looks great on your CV especially if you’ve done some work out there. Companies like Glamour Apartments offer long term lets, making it easy if you plan on staying for more than a couple of months.


So what’s your favourite place to visit? Is there somewhere you’d like to explore for longer, perhaps even live there? This is what our nomadic lifestyle is going to be all about. Getting to the real heart of a place, sticking around a while and making each wonderful place feel like home.