It’s official – we’re going to be living that #VanLife

This week we did something very exciting – we bought a van! You’ll see from the pictures it doesn’t look like much right now, but we’re so happy with our new project.

We’ve always wanted to convert our own van into a camper, and when the opportunity presented itself, we couldn’t resist. Do you believe in right place, right time? Well it was that kind of situation.

So here she is – we’d like to introduce you to our new love, Stella.

Our plans for the future

The plan is to stick to a budget, and see how little we can spend on building our dream camper! This means writing down the costs at each step of the way – but I think we’ve got a pretty good shot at keeping this project low cost.

We’ve already got some big ideas about what we want to do and how we want everything set out. But the first step is ripping everything out from the back of the van so we can get windows put in, insulate it and line the walls. We plan to keep the design fairly simple, and don’t want to add too much extra weight.

And before we begin we’ve come to a practical arrangement, Danny will be dealing with the more technical side of things, such as lining the walls, fitting the floor, building shelves, etc.

Then I’ll be doing the soft furnishings, which will mainly consist of me spending hours shopping for cushions, dreamcatchers, duvet sets, wall art, cooking equipment and other essential campervan accessories.

This is the start of a very exciting step for us. This is something we’ve been talking about since we first became a couple, and we’re finally making our dream a reality.

Will be posting regular updates on the site showing our progress – so watch this space!

If anyone out there has done this before and has any helpful tips or ideas, please leave a comment below. We love seeing what other people have done and taking inspiration from their adventures.


Photo by Alice Hartrick on Unsplash