Hi we’re Tash and Danny

Welcome to Larkin Around!

We’re a couple from the UK with a lot of love for backpacks, beaches and budget travel! Join us on the start of our journey as we plan, begin and chase our dream of becoming professional nomads and full time backpackers.

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6 reasons why travelling is good for your soul  

Travelling can influence our lives in so many positive ways. For us, it made us realise that we don’t want ...
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The signs you might be suffering with mental health issues

Focusing on wellness means touching on some serious subjects, and having meaningful conversations. While we always aim to be uplifting ...
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Who are we and what are we doing here?

Hey guys, No don’t worry, I haven’t been smoking the funny stuff! Despite the title of this blog post this ...
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Why you should always take the chance – even if it doesn’t work out!

If someone said to you ‘would you like me to pay for you to travel the world for three months’, ...
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6 ways to make the most of the sunshine

As I woke this morning with the sun pouring in through the blinds, I felt like I’d woken up with ...
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How much planning should you do before travelling?

We are planners (at least I, Tash, am a planner). I just love planning events and trips. But if there’s ...
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Our bucket list: 10 places we have to visit

Our bucket list never stops growing! But right now we have a few amazing destinations in mind. Check out our ...
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4 tips for saving money while you travel

Being on a budget when you’re travelling doesn’t mean you have to miss out on things. In fact, it means ...
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6 fun or easy ways to make money while you travel

Depending on how long you plan to travel for, you might want to make some extra cash while you’re on ...
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8 things to consider when choosing a backpack

Picking the right backpack is an important part of your travels and it’s very exciting! There’s a lot to consider, ...
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10 blog posts about budget travel

Travel is not all about the money. In fact, I would argue that travelling itself shouldn’t be about money at ...
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Free (or very cheap!) things to do in Granada

Granada is such a beautiful place with so much to see, that it’s actually quite easy to explore this Spanish ...
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How to begin putting together a travel budget

There are so many blog posts out there about how to live on a tight budget when travelling. I’m sure ...
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7 easy tips for saving extra cash

If like us, you’re trying to save up for your future, it’s important to master the art of cutting back! ...
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The first steps towards planning your trip

Planning your travels is the first exciting step towards seeing the world! So if you’re ready to begin planning, there ...
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