One year as Cornish folk

A year ago, I never imagined I’d be writing this post. When we set off in our camper van last April we had zero plans for the future other than to drive the North Coast 500. Which we did.

We also spent a month exploring Scotland and then we drove down the UK stopping in the Lake District, Peak District and Wales.

And our next stop was going to be Devon.

Only we didn’t spend much time in Devon. Three hours to be exact.

We stopped in at Woolacoombe beach and after a brief dip in the sea, we quickly decided that Cornwall was where we needed to be.

So we made the rest of the drive that evening, arriving at Perranporth just in time to watch the sunset.

And we haven’t looked back.

It’s been the most amazing year, we started our Cornish adventure in the van and then over the winter months moved into a slightly more weather-friendly caravan. We had hoped to be back in the van by now but Coronavirus had different ideas for this year, so we’re currently still in lockdown in our lovely caravan.

But as it’s been a whole year in this beautiful county, I thought I’d put together a quick post of some of our highlights.

June 2019

Like I say, we arrived in June and had a few weeks of finding our feet and adjusting to van life down here. But it didn’t take long and we met plenty of other great people doing the same as us. We slowly saw things get busier as the summer approached and we were just so happy to be here – who knew that was just the beginning!

July 2019

In July we began to explore more of Cornwall and tried to spend more time in the places we’d not visited before. First on the list was Land’s End. We drove down to the most southerly point of England – having been to the most northerly point in Scotland – thus completing our journey across the whole of the UK.

Some other highlights from July were finding the Holy Well (at Holywell Bay, funny enough), having the dogs to stay with us in the van for three weeks and Danny landing a job!

August 2019

August was the month of 1,000 visitors.

We had different friends and family down pretty much every week of the month. We also enjoyed days out on the crystal clear, calm sea and I got my first wetsuit and bodyboard in an attempt to overcome my crippling fear of the water…

…I’m still working on that!

September 2019

We had more friends and family down in September as well as going to the Healey’s Cider Festival which was great! We’re hoping to go again – though who knows if any events are taking place this year!

October 2019

October was the start of life in the caravan and we were pretty excited to have an oven. Things were starting to get a little quieter down here in general so we were just enjoying the slow pace of Cornish life and sunny coastal walks.

November 2019

In November we got another chance to have the dogs down here and they loved being back by the beach! We also enjoyed our first fireworks night in Newquay. Then, nearing the end of the month things started to get very festive which meant my favourite thing, mulled wine season! We also had the most amazing mulled Rattler cider at Healey’s Cider Farm when we went to see the Christmas market.

December 2019

We spent two weeks back in Hampshire over the Christmas period, but before we headed back up country we had time to enjoy the Watering Hole Christmas market and to get all our Christmas shopping done in Truro! After Christmas, we came back down for New Years and had some friends/family down to celebrate it with us.

January 2020

Adapting to the Cornish weather which was mostly very cold, we needed a few weeks to recover from all the food (and drink!) over Christmas. So January was mainly long, chilly coastal walks.

February 2020

I think it’s fair to say February was when 2020 started to go a little bit crazy, starting with the storms. We kept going down to the beach to watch the crazy high tides and crashing waves. We also travelled back to Hampshire for some birthday celebrations and that was the last time we were able to see friends and family.

March 2020

With Coronavirus now a big thing, as you can imagine, March was a little different than what we had planned. We were supposed to have people coming to stay and we were hoping to get back in our van. Instead, we enjoyed the start of lockdown in the caravan, became obsessed with video calls and virtual quizzes and took our daily exercise to go and watch the incredible sunsets on the beach.

April 2020

As you know April was spent in lockdown, but to be fair we couldn’t have been in a more beautiful place. We went on lovely coastal walks and watched the sunsets, did more virtual quizzes and just generally slowed down for a bit.

That was until Danny went back to work and for some crazy reason I have never been busier! I thought Coronavirus would make work slow down for me but it appears to have had quite the opposite effect.

May 2020

Then in May as lockdown began to ease it started to get a little busier down here – but thankfully most people were still sticking to the rules. Other than that it’s been beach walks and LOTS of work.

And now here we are, a year down the line and just waiting for things to open back up and return to some sort of normal. We want to be able to go back to Hampshire and see our friends and family. We also want people to be able to come down here and see us!

So fingers crossed that things start to return to normal soon. It’s certainly been an interesting year.