6 reasons why travelling is good for your soul  

Travelling can influence our lives in so many positive ways. For us, it made us realise that we don’t want to spend our lives chasing money, or possessions, or saving for a house we can never really afford. We want to see the world, expand our minds and chase adventure instead.  

Whether it’s going for months at a time, or just the odd weekend away whenever you can escape the office, everyone should travel as much as they can. And it doesn’t have to be far! Just take some time to get away from your usual surroundings.  

Travelling is good for your mind, body and soul. Here’s six reasons why you should take every opportunity you have to travel.  

1. To help you find yourself

OK, it might sound super cliché! But it’s important to take some time away from your everyday life to reconnect with yourself. We’re creatures of habit, and it’s all too easy to fall into the trap of routine.  

But visiting new places and taking a break is important for discovering who you are and what’s really important to you. It also allows you to do things you may not have time for in everyday life, and to try new things.  

2. To expand your horizons

You have so many opportunities to learn and expand your mind when you travel. Each place you go will leave its mark on you. You’ll learn about new cultures and how other people live. This may encourage you to feel more confident in yourself and your own journey through life.  

You might also learn a new language, or the history of a country you’ve never even considered before. Travel makes you smarter and wiser. It makes you more aware about the other people out there in the world.  

3. To fall in love

Travel allows you to fall in love every day. Not fall in love with another person – though this might also happen! But to fall in love with new places, cultures and adventures.  

You’ll make new friends along the way, and discover something new about yourself. Travel can help you to fall in love with yourself, which is something many of us need to do a lot more of. 

4. To get some perspective

When you travel to these new and amazing places, you suddenly become more aware of what a small place you really occupy in this world. And that’s not to say that’s a bad thing, like you’re somehow insignificant.  

But instead it makes you feel extremely humble. In some situations it may even make you feel very lucky about everything you have access to in your life. Especially when you meet people who live with very little, but are still so happy with life. 

5. To live for the now

We can often find ourselves dwelling on the past and worrying about the future, when really we should be living in the present. When you travel you live for the now, you live for each moment and each adventure as you experience it. 

We need to spend more time seizing the day. After all, you can’t change the past and the future is unwritten, so live for the moment.  

6. For life changing experiences

Travelling changes your life and makes you a better person. It gives you stories to tell, it teaches you empathy and broadens your horizons. There is no education in the world like travelling and experiencing these incredible adventures for yourself.  


Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash