during the coronavirus

Returning to van life during the Coronavirus

In approximately 17 days (not that we’re counting or anything) we’re going to be moving out of our caravan and back into our van!

There are a number of reasons why we’ve been living in the caravan for so much longer than we had planned, but after the government announced that campsites could re-open on 4th July, our little winter home is now going back to being a summer holiday home, so it’s time for us to move out.

We’ve been lucky enough to have this place to isolate during the Coronavirus pandemic and we’re so grateful for that.

Camper vans were not hugely welcome around the area at the start of lockdown and with no public toilets, showers or campsites open we would have found ourselves struggling to do even the most basic things.

But now, with everything slowly opening back up and returning to some sort of strange new normal, we’re ready (and able) to get back in our van. That said, we’re still facing a few challenges:

Busy campsites

The campsite we currently live on was booked up within the first two days of the government announcement. For the whole summer.

Yep, you read that right.

Clearly, lockdown and the inability to go abroad has made Brits desperate to escape to the coast and get some sort of summer holiday booked in.

The problem for us is that we rely on the odd night or two on a campsite to be able to empty our toilet, shower, do our laundry and fill up our water. Pretty important stuff!

But with campsite booking up quicker than me making my way through a bar of Galaxy (seriously, chocolate is life), it looks like we might struggle to book on as and when we need to.

But we shall see! Hopefully not all have booked up as quickly as this one.

Free camping

Another issue we’re likely to face is the increased amount of people and motorhomes trying to free camp.

When you live in your van full time, unless you strike a deal with a landowner, it’s just not feasible to stay on a campsite every night. It’s way too expensive.

But with campsites booking up and lots more people in motorhomes, we’re likely to run into a few issues with more people than ever trying to find camping spots for the night… or weekend… or week!

So fingers crossed we’ll still be able to find quiet and convenient spots to stop where we won’t be in anyone’s way or get moved on.

Partial closures

The final issue we are facing at the moment is that many of the public toilets and showers around Cornwall are still closed. Particularly in Perranporth where we currently live.

Despite the government encouraging councils to get these facilities open, we’re still waiting on many of these to re-open. So we may be facing issues if we’re unable to get into campsites.

But we’re looking forward too…

Despite the odd few issues we may face, we cannot wait to get back on the move. We’ve found that being in the van means we spend a lot more time outdoors and more time exploring, so we’re looking forward to getting back to it.

We also love seeing new places. So while we will be based around Newquay and Perranporth in the week for Danny’s work, we’ll be off exploring beautiful Cornwall at the weekends.

We’re also in the middle of doing some renovations to the van so it will be even more cosy and functional when we move back in.

I plan (as always) to do a full post on how we converted the van, including any additions we have made along the way and anything we’ve learnt from our conversion. So check back in for that in the next few weeks!

But for now, keep an eye on our Instagram and Facebook accounts for updates on our adventures when we finally get back out on the road and navigate van life during the Coronavirus.