The ABC of mastering your travel preparation

Whether you’re going for a weekend or for a month, holidays and trips can be the highlight of your year! And getting your preparation right early on can ensure you have a great trip and don’t come up against any problems.

Your preparation and planning will set the tone for your trip. Picking a great place to visit and travelling with the right people are clearly significant. However, there are other simple aspects that can make all the difference.


There’s no doubting that travel is great for the soul. Still, the journey itself can be a time of significant stress (especially when you’re a nervous flyer like me!). In truth, a particularly bad trip will put you in a bad mood for the trip ahead. Plus, you’ll have the knowledge that the return journey is still to come.

Booking flights at a suitable time of day will give you a solid platform, while packing the right carry-on essentials will serve you well too. As well as the entertainment, you should think about food and drink, especially if the airline charges for those items (prices at airports can be ridiculous).

You also need to know that the onward travel to your hotel will be comfortable too. When you arrive at your destination feeling perfectly refreshed, your trip will have got off to the perfect start. If nothing else, the positivity will help you enjoy the adventure in style. So if you can, book your airport transfer ahead of time.

Of course, you could always opt for a campervan instead!


Your trip should be a chance to relax and rid yourself of the modern life stresses that have been dragging you down. Unfortunately, even when you find yourself in paradise it’s hard to remove your money worries. With this in mind, it’s imperative that you understand your budget limitations and how to spend your pennies wisely.

Before you go, work out how much money you have set aside for your trip. If you’re thinking of doing a longer stay, you might want to consider sites like Buddy Loans, which can be used to fund the trip of a lifetime.

It also pays to be careful about eating out, avoiding the expensive tourist hot spots when you can. Depending where you are you might choose to go all inclusive, or alternatively, self-catering so you have access to cooking facilities. It helps to set yourself a daily budget that you can stick to.

As for the holiday activities, it pays to look online to see if pre-booking attractions can save money. Cheaper tickets for sports events, water parks, and tourist places will help your money work harder. It should prevent the hassle of lining up too. Those two factors should keep the smiling.


We all have our home comforts, and some of these come with us when we go away.  Finding the perfect comfortable accommodation should be top of the agenda at all times, of course this will depend on how happy you are with ‘roughing it’ or if you’re more at home with luxury rooms. There’s nothing worse than feeling disappointed when you arrive at your accommodation, so always check the reviews.

What’s more, it’s possible to get by with English in most countries. Nonetheless, it’s never a bad idea to consider translator apps, has a list of the best ones. When coupled with currency converters and other useful travel resources, you’ll be all set for the trip of your life.

Whether you like it or not, you will think about things back home too. Maintaining good communication with family to check that everything is still under control will put your mind at ease. This will leave you in a position to sit back and enjoy your time while you’re away.

Happy holidaying!

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