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9 Instagram accounts to follow this World Vegan Day

Today is World Vegan Day and also marks my eleventh month without eating animals products. I can safely say that going vegan was one of the best things I have ever done – I’m absolutely loving my plant-based lifestyle.

Instagram has been like my own personal guide to vegan life this year; I’ve followed some great accounts that have showed me amazing recipes, products and where to shop for my animal-free goodies.

So to mark World Vegan Day I thought I’d put together a blog post about my favourite Instagram accounts for those who may not have seen them or may be considering going vegan this month.

In fact, cancer research are actually encouraging people to take the Veg Pledge throughout November, so now could be the perfect time! But if you don’t think you’re quite ready to give it up just yet, you could also give Veganuary a go in a few months. That’s exactly how I made this amazing life choice.

But I digress! Here are nine inspirational Instagram accounts for all things eating, shopping, working out and living like a vegan. Check them out!

1. Accidentally Vegan – @accidentallyveganuk

This account is one of my absolute favourites because it not only introduces you to lots of yummy new products, but it also shows you the everyday items you might not have thought about. You could spend hours walking round the supermarket reading labels, but this Insta means you don’t have to. The account shares simple kitchen essentials that despite not being specifically marked, are already vegan, even if not intentionally.

2. Naturally Stefanie – @naturallystefanie

Some common myths of the vegan diet is that you can’t get enough protein, that it’s unhealthy and that it makes you weak. Well Naturally Stefanie absolutely disproves all of these ridiculous myths with her incredible workouts (and physique) and her yummy recipes. She also shares new products and posts pictures of great vegan options when eating out. The many pictures of her eating Ben & Jerry’s always make me jealous!

3. The Vegan Kind Supermarket – @thevegankindsupermarket

This online supermarket (who incidentally run the Accidentally Vegan account) has everything your need for your vegan lifestyle. Stocking everything from vegan cheese to vegan-friendly toothbrushes and you can have your delicious treats delivered straight to your door. You can also buy gift boxes full of goodies for yourself or for your friends.

4. The Little Blog of Vegan – @thelittleblogofvegan

If you’ve got a sweet tooth like me, this is going to be one of your favourites! Holly Jade shares mouthwatering pictures of cakes and desserts, and her simple recipes can use as little as 4 ingredients (and sometimes don’t even require any baking!). However, I will warn you that this Insta account has the potential to be a diet destroyer because it all LOOKS SO GOOD!

5. Vegan On Board – @veganonboard

I have only recently discovered this account but I’m already in love with it because these are fellow vegans in a van. They share pictures of the food they make on their travels and have a blog so you can check out their recipes too. I think I’m biased because I also enjoy seeing their van life adventures – but it really is a happy an inspirational account to follow.

6. Veganuary – @weareveganuary

The official Veganuary account does share the occasional pictures of food, but it’s really all about the super cute animal pictures for me. Sometimes you just need a sweet picture of a lamb or a chick to get you through the day – am I right? And as well as continuing their mission to encourage more people to give up animal products, they also share quotes from famous people, many of whom you may not have even known were vegan.

7. Vegan food UK – @vegan_food_uk

This is a treasure trove of vegan foods from pretty much all the well-known supermarkets and restaurants around the UK. You can find out what’s new and they even label when the foods are wheat and gluten free too. Best of all they have a highlights section for each popular shop at the top of their account, so you can see products from the places you shop the most.

8. Oh She Glows – @ohsheglows

This hugely popular account is run by award-winning blogger Angela Liddon. Sharing recipes for all sorts of vegan meals and treats it’s easy to see why she’s so popular, her pictures make me hungry every time I see a new foodie post. And if you want more than just her Instagram feed you can also buy her recipe books as well.

9. Ugly Vegan – @uglyvegan

Finally, the Instagram account that proves vegan food isn’t all colourful fresh veggies and quinoa. Ugly Vegan shares some of the most inventive yellow food meals you’ll ever see. It’s not always pretty – and if I’m honest all the pictures featuring baked beans make me want to vomit – but it’s certainly entertaining to see what people are sharing. Plus it gives you some great ideas for hangover food!