Veganuary: Week 2 – I miss cheese!

It’s now been over two weeks of Veganuary and I’m still loving it – but oh my god do I miss cheese! I really thought chocolate would be the hardest thing for me to give up, but I’ve found plenty of sweet treats to replace this, and actually, I just really want some cheese on top of my spaghetti bolognese.

But I haven’t caved, I am officially 17 days meat and diary free. I know, I know, I’m still very new to this plant based lifestyle, but I feel like I’m learning something new with each meal. So here’s a quick update on week two of Veganuary and how I’m getting on.

I love meal prep

One of the great things about a plant based diet is you can do a huge amount of meal prep, with relatively little risk of food poisoning! Plus, I really don’t like re-heated chicken (the meat I tended to eat most of), so it’s nice to prepare meals without this, that I can chuck in the freezer.

So far I have made spaghetti bolognese, jambalaya, vegetable curry, and my favourite new obsession, roasted butternut squash and red pepper soup. I’ve been eating this for lunch every day this week!

I’m finding that I’m spending less money on food because I have quick and easy meals in the freezer. Plus it cuts out the impulse buying that used to get me. The odd chocolate bar here and there really adds up.

I’m wasting less food

The result of my meal prep and the fact I’m using veg in every meal, means I’m wasting a lot less food. I hate food waste. I feel bad every time I have to throw out half a bag of soggy salad leaves. But as all my meals are veg based in some form, I’m just chucking in whatever is left in the fridge. Nothing is going to waste!

Before, I could easily be persuaded by a meal out or whatever naughty dinner Danny fancied. But with meals at home and less options when I’m out (which has turned out to be a blessing in disguise), I’m not straying from my dinner plans causing food to go unused.

I’m a bit obsessed with Linda’s vegan burgers

I mentioned the Linda McCartney range in my last post, and just as a side note, I LOVE her vegan friendly burgers. They may not be the healthiest option, but they taste so good I can’t resist!

I tried vegan cheese…

In the last post I also said I was going to try vegan cheese. Before giving up dairy I only really favoured mature cheddar. For this reason I bought Tesco’s vegan friendly mature cheddar substitute. We did not get on. I couldn’t handle the smell for starters and the taste was equally disappointing for me.

But I’m not giving up hope! I’ve heard good things about mature cheddar from Violife – I just need to track it down first! I can’t seem to find any shop, anywhere, that sells it. But I know it exists because I saw it on Instagram.

The search continues…

I need to up my breakfast game

The one meal I have been really struggling with is breakfast! I used to have yoghurt and oats most days, but dairy free yoghurts aren’t the healthiest and I wanted to find another option. Currently I just eat fruit because I want to avoid eating too much bread or carbs.

I looked into protein bars, but many of these are packed with sugar, even if most of it is natural! It was a similar story with granola – why does everything contain so much bloody sugar!

The moral of the story is, I need to start making my own healthier, vegan friendly version of things if I want to find a decent breakfast.

I’ll let you know how it goes.