Veganuary: Week 4 – What I’ve learnt

Well I set out to complete Veganuary and I am very proud to say I did it! More than that, I really enjoyed it. It’s certainly been a learning curve, getting to grips with what you can and can’t eat and I imagine there’s still a great deal I don’t know about. But with January now behind us, I thought I’d put together a short post just to recap on the last four weeks.

What I’ve learnt

It may just be because so many people are on the Veganuary hype, but there really is a lot of choice out there for meat and dairy free options! Whether eating out or buying a quick meal in the supermarket, there was always enough choice. And even when choices were limited, the vegan options were so tasty!

I also feel like a great weight has been lifted. I feel less guilty about my impact on this planet. In fact, I feel much better about it! I feel like this tiny change to my lifestyle can help to make a difference (even if it’s just a tiny one!).

Not only do I feel like I’m doing my bit, but I also feel so much healthier! I get less bloated, I’ve lost weight and I just generally feel more alert.

What I’ve enjoyed most

I think the thing I’ve enjoyed most is coming up with interesting meals and trying out new recipes. I love cooking, so this was a chance to really get stuck in. Like I said in my previous post, when you can’t have meat or diary, sometimes you have to get inventive with your food!

Most recently I made some seriously chocolatey brownies and vegan mac n cheese. I’ll admit I was a bit nervous about the mac n cheese because I usually love it and like it extra cheesy. But a combination of nutritional yeast and vegan cheese made it taste great!

Will I carry on in the future?

ABSOLUTELY! I have been very strict on myself throughout January as the whole point was to go vegan for the month. And for the most part I plan to carry on.  I might occasionally slip up and find myself unable to resist a tiny bit of cheese! But I won’t punish myself for that.

I feel it’s important to remember that by not eating animal products 99% of the time I’ll be doing my bit for the world, but also for my own health. I can’t wait to carry on this adventure. Though it might become trickier to cook great vegan meals once we’re living in the van… but I’m excited to give it a go!!