About me

Hi, my name’s Tash, welcome to Larkin Around! I’m a twenty-seven year old freelance writer with a perpetual case of itchy-feet. Last year I gave up my job in PR and communications to become a digital nomad and roam the planet with my husband, Danny.

We’re on a mission to see the world and we decided to start by converting our own camper van, downsizing our lives (to make them more van-sized) and setting off around the UK.

about me

Our future plans change weekly- sometimes we’re going to buy a bigger van and cross the Channel to Europe. Other times we’re going to book a one-way ticket and go backpacking around Asia and the Americas. I have no doubt we’ll do it all someday, but for now, the not knowing is what keeps us on our toes!

Three things you should know about me before we go any further: One, I’m a crazy dog lady. Two, I’m a vegan (but I never mention it…). And three, I’m a digital nomad funding our adventures through the very keyboard I’m talking to you through right now.

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How did we get here?

Well, our love for travel started back in 2015. On our first (unofficial) date we drunkenly joked about going on a European road trip together. Cut to two weeks later on our first official date we were planning that very trip. Just eight months later we were off!

We bought a VW Sharan, a seven-seater family car, and stripped out the seats. We chucked a mattress in the back and put a box on the roof. That was all we needed to get started. We spent three months driving around Western Europe and knew from that trip onwards that we wanted to see the world.

larkin around

What is Larkin Around?

This blog started as a way for us to keep our families up to date on our travels back in 2015. Nowadays it’s where I share my thoughts, experiences and adventures. Through Larkin Around I want to share our journey to becoming full-time travellers, while hopefully inspiring you to create your best life too.

Freedom and simplicity are our biggest motivators right now and we’re doing our best to live a low-budget, simple and happy life in our van. But our journey really is just beginning and we’d love for you to join us – so why not stick around a while.

See you soon!

Tash x