Top 7 travel blogs for 2017

If you’re looking for destination inspiration, travel tips or just some great reading, we’ve got the blogs for you! Here are our top travel blogs for 2017:

1. Young Adventuress

Living her life on the road and sharing her adventures, Liz’s writing is witty and enjoyable. She moved back home with her parents to get her blog up and running, to save up and find work before she went travelling. One of the reasons we love this so much is that it’s such a familiar story, we’re in her shoes right now. And if you’re looking for a laugh and some great tales of travelling – this one’s for you!

2. The Planet D

We love this blog! This couple are such an inspiration to people like us and we hope to follow in their footsteps one day. But it’s not just about the fact they’re a couple, they have a strong focus on adventure at all levels. Not to mention stepping out of your comfort zone. So if you’re looking for your next fun-filled trip, check them out.

3. Nomadic Matt

Matt is a seasoned traveller and best-selling author. His site offers great ideas for destinations. But more than that, it helps you travel for less. Nomadic Matt is always on the road, and along with his team they are showing people what a life of travel is really like.

4. The Travel Hack

Though very different from our style of travel, the Travel Hacks is a luxurious but affordable adventure blog, maintained by a team of keen travellers based all over the world. With so many different inputs from every corner of the globe it’s a great read. Especially if the hostel lifestyle isn’t really for you.

5. Backpacks and Bunkbeds

Backpacking, hostels, and budget travel are Neil’s speciality! Now living in London, working 9-5 and traveling whenever he can, he is a very experienced traveller. His witty commentary takes you through Asia, Australia and Europe. If you’re looking for an expert, he’s your man!

6. Alex in Wanderland

After falling in love with travel, Alex ditched the 9-5 to do it full time. Doing a handful of jobs from freelance writing to graphic design, she funds her way around the world. With experience in over 50 countries, this blog is the perfect place to find inspiration!

7. This is the place I was telling you about

Two Texans living in New York city. This is a lifestyle blog, with travel being a huge part of that. Their passion for photography definitely shows across the site in all their beautiful photos.

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